Monday, March 15, 2021

News to Use - March 15, 2021

Upcoming Important Dates:

No School, Professional Development Day                            April 1 (date change)

No School, Good Friday                                                                           April 2   

Possible No School Day, Monday, April 12th, more information to come     

No School, April Vacation                                                                      April 19-23     

Spring is arriving (although it's hard to tell today!)
Last week we were able to start enjoying lunch outside again. Although today's brisk winds kept us eating inside, we will start to be outside again as the temperature allows. Please have your child bring in a towel or small camping chair to sit in as they eat their lunches under and around the tents, just as they did in the fall.

In anticipation of a return to five days per week of in-person learning, please be sure to fill out the learning model commitment survey linked below TODAY. For our families who have not yet had the opportunity to complete the HWRSD Learning Model Commitment Survey, remember to submit your data no later than Tuesday, March 16th.  

While answers are still clarifying, we have prepared an FAQ for the return that gives general information in response to some of the questions we hear families asking. We know that this decision will be difficult for some parents; if you are struggling around the best course of action for your child, please reach out to Jenn Clifford as a partner in your decision-making.                           

Changes Approved by School Committee at 3/3/21 Meeting

  • The Teacher Inservice Day has been rescheduled to Thursday, April 1st.  There will be NO SCHOOL on this day.  As a reminder, there is a scheduled vacation day on April 2nd.
  • Students currently in the hybrid model will return to full in-person learning on Monday, April 5th. Students may continue to learn remotely in the APL Program through the end of this school year.

Anticipated School Committee Changes to the 20-21 School Calendar

  • Monday, April 12th will move to a NO SCHOOL DAY.  This provides our staff, who will be getting their second Moderna vaccine on April 11th, time to recover.  Many people report feeling ill after the second dose.
  • This will result in an additional school day added to the end of June - much like a snow day.
  • To date, we have had one snow day, and we anticipate the addition of one more day to cover the April 12th NO SCHOOL day.  This currently places the last day of school on Wednesday, June 16th.

COVID-19 Pooled Testing Program: A Tool to Keep Us in School

As shared in Superintendent Banios' newsletter two weeks ago, we are launching a voluntary weekly COVID-19 Pooled Surveillance Testing Program to help keep our students, staff, and community safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Regular COVID-19 testing of students and staff will lower the risk of the disease in our school by quickly finding positive cases of COVID-19. The testing program will also help identify positive cases in people who do not show any symptoms. Testing will allow us to have increased in-person learning while making everyone feel safer when in-person.  

Information and consent forms can be found on our COVID-19 Pooled Surveillance Testing Program website.  

Helpful Tips for Masks & Glasses
Here are some strategies to help prevent glasses from fogging up due to masks.

It recommends making sure the mask fits well with the wire folded over the nose tightly, using anti-fog solution or soap and water on the glasses, resting your glasses on top of the mask, or even using a piece of tape or bandaid to adhere the mask over the nose to prevent the warm air from escaping between the mask and glasses.  

 Bus Transportation

There are still some seats available on some bus routes. If you are interested in having your child ride the bus, please fill out the HWTransportation Registration form. 

Counselor's Corner

I have shared here before how important it is to foster our children’s ability to label their feelings and model emotional literacy for them.  Again, being able to accurately name our emotions is the first step in appropriately and effectively managing them.  However, we don’t want to forget the importance of the flip side of emotional expression.  Listening.  Feeling heard promotes connection and feeling connected is an integral piece in our and our children’s overall social and emotional well-being.  Please check out Lynn Lyons latest podcast on families and the power of listening here.  

I am happy to listen to your concerns anytime, please feel free to email or call.   I also continue to offer office hours on Thursdays from 10-10:30 through Zoom.  I look forward to seeing you!  Ms. Creilson’s Zoom Link


Ann Creilson

Cutler School Adjustment Counselor


Lost & Found

If you recognize any items, please email me at  The size 12 Sperry boot is missing their friend:)