Monday, November 30, 2020

News to Use - November 30, 2020

Upcoming Important Dates:

No School: Winter Recess                                                                December 24-January 1

2020 still continues to bring us many challenges. Thank you for supporting your children this week at home while they participate in remote learning. Teachers are working hard to make schedules that work under a variety of constraints. You may see changes between today and Thursday as they bring both cohorts together and try new configurations. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help your child, we all want to make this work!

The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District continues to make computer devices available at each school for those students who are without an appropriate remote learning device. If your student does not have dedicated access to an Internet-ready device please complete the device request form: If your student encounters technology difficulties with a District loaner device, please email for assistance.

December 1, 2020

Massachusetts requires the flu vaccine for all students (hybrid and remote)

The influenza vaccine is important because:
  • It reduces the risk of getting sick with influenza, reduces the severity of disease (including the risk of hospitalization), and prevents the spread of influenza to others.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the influenza vaccine is especially critical to reduce the overall impact of respiratory illness on the population, protect vulnerable populations from severe illness, and decrease the overall burden on the healthcare system.
If your child(ren) have not received their flu vaccine yet, please call their pediatrician today to schedule their vaccine. Once received, please submit the documentation to your school nurse in whatever way is most convenient. It can also be faxed to (978) 468-0450 or attached to a message in our health portal.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Which students need to receive influenza vaccine?
  • Students in Kindergarten – Grade 12 are required to receive influenza vaccine for the current influenza season for school attendance.
When do students need to receive the influenza vaccine?
  • Students must receive the influenza vaccine for the current season by December 31, 2020.
Are there any exemptions to receiving influenza vaccine?
  • Medical and religious exemptions are allowable in the state of Massachusetts.
What type of influenza vaccine can students receive?
  • Any age-appropriate licensed influenza vaccine for the current season fulfills the requirement. This includes injectable and nasal spray vaccine types.
If my school will be providing instruction remotely, will students still need to meet immunization requirements?
  • The school immunization requirements, including the requirement for seasonal influenza vaccine, apply to all Massachusetts students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12, regardless of whether the district is providing instruction in-person, or using a hybrid or remote learning model.
Source: FAQ Influenza Vaccine Requirement for School Attendance at