Monday, April 30, 2018

News to Use - April 30, 2018

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Dates to Remember     
       ELA MCAS, Grade 4                                                                                 April 30 & May 1
Friends of Cutler meeting @ 9am, featuring Heidi Hebert              May 2
Math MCAS, Grade 4                                                                                May 7, 8      Math MCAS, Grade 5                                                                                May 10, 11
Math MCAS, Grade 3                                                                                May 14, 15
Science MCAS, Grade 5                                                                            May 17, 18
Memorial Day, No School                                                                        May 28
Conversation Starters 
This week's question for kids:  If you could have any job in the world – what would it be?

Placement for 2018-2019 School Year
Each spring we begin to think about the placement of students for next fall.
This process is complex and takes into consideration a number of factors.
Classroom teachers and I will soon begin to discuss the academic and
social/emotional progress of students and how this affects their placement
for next year.  Your child’s teacher has a wealth of knowledge about
each student. Consultation with the specialists gives us more information
about your child and how s/he interacts in different instructional settings.
We seek to create balanced groupings at each grade level. All of us recognize
this complex process as an important part of our professional responsibility
to your children.

If you would like to offer your thoughts about your child’s placement with us,
please respond in writing to the questions below and submit your response by
May 9 to your child’s teacher. This information will be helpful to us as we work
to create classes that best match your child’s learning style and personality. We
ask that you refrain from requesting a specific teacher by name especially because
our teacher assignments for next year are not yet final. Please understand that the
entire placement team will view the information you share.

We recognize that the partnership between home and school is vital to your
child’s educational success. Your continued support makes our school an
exciting and enriching learning environment. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me.


Jennifer Clifford

  1. What are your child’s greatest areas of success in school?
  2. What are your child’s greatest challenges in school?
  3. What does your child like most about coming to school?
  4. How would you describe your child’s learning style?
  5. What type of learning environment would provide your child
with the best opportunity for success?

6. Is there anything else that you would like us to know about 
         your child?

MCAS dates:
Math MCAS, Grade 3                                                     May 14, 15

ELA MCAS, Grade 4                                                      April 30 and May 1* 
**May 1 is a new date due to technical difficulties!

Math MCAS, Grade 4                                                     May 7, 8     
ELA MCAS, Grade 5                                                      April 24, 26
Math MCAS, Grade 5                                                    May 10, 11
Science MCAS, Grade 5                                                May 17, 18

Please do your best to get students to school on time with a good breakfast to fuel their thinking for the day!

Melody Miles Road Race coming up!
The Hamilton-Wenham Friends of the Arts for the 23rd Annual Melody Miles 5k or 5mile road race is on Saturday, May 26! The fun run/walk begins at 10am at the Winthrop School and as the miles tick by you will be serenaded by some of our schools’ best musicians and singers. Registration is $25 and all proceeds help support arts education/activities in our communities. Please reach out to Lexie Riordan ( with questions. Register online at: We look forward to running with you!

Camp Invention is coming to Hamilton-Wenham again this summer during the week of July 9-13 at the Buker Elementary School.  For more information you may also want to visit:

Please check out the Early Childhood Partners website for lots of special events.

Meeting: Our next monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 2nd at 9:15.  This will be a Principal’s Coffee with a special guest speaker, Heidi Hebert, Cutler’s library tech teacher who will be discussing digital footprints. 
Adult Social: Many thanks to the Adult Social Committee who organized a FANTASTICALLY FUN night!  The Corn Hole Tournament was a HUGE hit and a good time was had by all.  There are still a few spots left in some Great Gatherings for parents, as well as the Friday Movie Festival, hosted by teachers, for students.  A Sign-Up Genius for these opportunities will be distributed through liaisons and posted on Facebook soon.
Teacher Appreciation Week: Cutler will be celebrating our teachers the week of May 21st.  Be on the look out for volunteer opportunities and ways in which you as parents and your children can help to celebrate all of the amazing work done by our Cutler staff.
Screenagers:  Friends of Cutler, Winthrop and Buker are hosting Screenagers, Growing up in the Digital Age, on May 7th at 7pm in the Hamilton-Wenham High School auditorium.  
Screenagers is about the impact of the digital age on children and how to help them minimize harmful effects and find balance.  If you feel your children are already using a lot of technology and would like to learn about its effects and get helpful tips to limit screen time now and going forward into teen years in a healthy and constructive way this event is for you.  
For more information, visit  
Cutler Community Festival (also known as Family Fun Day/Night):  Thank you to the many parents who took the time to fill out the Survey Monkey about this event!  The majority voted in favor of amending the event to one held during school hours.  However, we listened closely to those of you who felt strongly about keeping the event as a family evening event.  So, in order to appease the entire community, the Friends of Cutler are committed to running BOTH events this year.  
We will be hosting the traditional Family Fun Night on Friday June 1st from 4:30-6:30pm.  However, we will be in need of volunteers in order for the event to be a success! Please consider signing up to help out once the committee puts out Sign Up’s – the event cannot be run without your help.
The Cutler staff will also be hosting a school-wide Wednesday morning of community building excitement towards the end of the year.  Working with their community groups (small groups with a mix of grade levels K-5) students will devote a morning to team building activities and contests.
We truly hope this decision makes everyone happy!
Buker Auction:  The Buker School will be hosting their online auction once again this year.  It is open until May 7th.  There are over 300 amazing items for you to check out: