Monday, November 13, 2017

News to Use, November 13, 2017

Dates to Remember     
Friends of Cutler meeting                                                                  November 17 
Ski, Skate & Board Sale                                                                      November 18 & 19
Early Dismissal, Thanksgiving recess, no lunch served              November 22, 11:15
Thanksgiving, No School                                                                   November 23 & 24
School Council meeting                                                                     November 29, 12pm

Conversation Starters
Last year we had positive feedback with sharing weekly conversation starters for families. We'll start that idea again this week, for our first family conversation starter: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Morning Dropoff
Please keep in mind that our morning drop off line is an active queue; if you would like to say goodbye to your child and get out of the car or watch them walk to their class line, please park in a space in the parking lot. The drop off line needs to move safely and quickly as students exit their cars and make their way to the playground. Please be sure to exit the line as soon as your child is a safe distance from the car. Thank you for your assistance!

Take Time Tuesdays
Beginning in November and continuing for each Tuesday until our December break, our School Counselor, Dolly McIlvaine will be hosting an alternative lunch recess for any student, or staff for that matter…. entitled, “Take Time Tuesdays”This alternative lunch recess activity will take place in the Cutler gymnasium and will be a time for participants to slow down and develop more of a practice of mindfulness, self-calming strategies, and self-reflection.  If students are interested, they may sign up each Tuesday morning in their classroom.  This will be a week to week sign up with no long-term commitment required, however, if a student signs up, he/she must remain with the group for the entire recess period that day.  If students would like to bring in a mat or a blanket on Tuesdays to use during this time, they are welcome to do so, although we will have a few mats available each week for student use.  Please contact Dolly McIlvaine at 978-468-8475 if you have any additional questions.


School Store: The School Store will be this week Monday, November 13 – Friday, November 17 in the Dining Room from 8:15-8:30am. Students may spend up to $3 – small bills and coins please! 

Meeting: The next Friends of Cutler meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 17 at 9:15 am.  The meeting will be very brief as we will use the time to quickly touch base and then help in the set-up efforts for Ski, Skate, & Board. 

Ski Skate & Board:  We’re ready for you! Ski Skate & Board drop-offs start TOMORROW!  Bring your clean gear and apparel already tagged – or we can help you through the process.  Visit for accepted items and how to be prepared.  As always, we welcome donations!

Drop Off Hours are: Tuesday 6-8pm, Thursday 9am-12pm & 6-8pm, Friday 10am-2pm

We still need volunteers for SATURDAY and SUNDAY.  Please consider volunteering 2 hours of your time and sign up here:

Saturday 11/18:

Sunday 11/19:

Apparel:  The Winter Spirit Wear Order Forms are here!!  Forms will be available at the Ski, Skate and Board sale on Saturday, November 18th all day!!  We hope to see you there!  You can also preview forms on the Friends website: click here for Winter Spirit Wear Forms .Thanks for your support!  If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Olson or 978-394-7673